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Girls Positivity Club Experiences


If you're ready to level up and join a Girls' Club, the benefits are endless!


You'll be surrounded by amazing girls just like you, who are eager to learn new skills and share their stories. Plus, you'll get a big boost of positivity, as the club will help you develop a growth mindset that will skyrocket your confidence and resilience.


Self-care is also a big deal, so you'll learn how to pamper yourself inside-out, mind, body, and soul. As you become a fierce leader, you'll be amazed by how much you can accomplish, not just for yourself, but for your community too.


Whether you join an 8 week club or a Summer Camp you'll be joining the sisterhood to create your own path to success; behold the transformative power of Girls Positivity Clubs and Camps!


Girls Positivity Club Summer Camps 

Three Camps Full of Empowerment Experiences & Fun

In GPC Summer Camp, girls will gain tools for building confidence, happiness, and bravery through creativity, crafting, or cooking experience.  Camps are designed so that when your daughter goes back to school at the end of summer, she will have the tools to handle any challenge that comes her way with confidence.

Each of the three Summer Camps are offered in a half or full day experience. 


Girls Positivity Club 8-Week Clubs 

Girls Positivity Club Developing Girls Ready to Navigate Life with Confidence

Your daughter will be an important member of a supportive network of girls cheering her on to do incredible things. Girls Positivity Club is the perfect place for your daughter to be to learn about:

  • Navigating friendship- improve friendships by building positive relationships and working through common conflicts with friends 

  • Stepping out of her comfort zone- being supported in her growth of trying new things and seeing her own potential 

  • Handling mistakes with confidence- managing comparison and perfectionism in schoolwork and after-school activities

  • Strengthening self-worth- being kind to herself, being assertive, building positive relationships

  • Tackling any challenge that comes her way 


She will gain confidence and bravery supported by a positive community cheering her on!

What She'll Receive  

Weekly Meet-ups:  

1 hour of empowerment centered around relevant themes for girls, including the 4 Pillars of Empowerment:

-Mindset/ Inner Power

-Self-Care/Stress Release 



Benefits to Caregivers of Girls

  • Peace of mind that your daughter has another guide helping her navigate her confidence habits and a positive group of girls in her life cheering her on.

  • You can take a breath knowing your daughter is gaining confidence and getting the tools she needs, complimenting what you are teaching her.  We are working together to empower her from the inside out.  

  • Weekly updates and recaps from our group meeting so that you can have conversations with her about what she's learning from the sessions to apply to her daily life. 

What People Are Saying About

Girls Positivity Club 

My Daughter Loves the

Positive Environment

Girls Positivity Club has been great for my daughter! She looks forward to it every week! She loves the positive message/lesson each week but also the creative activities they get to do! Mrs. Jones has been a positive light in so many of our local girls’ lives! She has helped many gain confidence and grow into their own person! It’s a safe space where sharing and conversing is welcomed and easy! I’m so glad we found it! I would recommend it to any parents who are looking for something fun but also meaningful for their daughter to participate in. Exciting things happen when you stay positive and see the positive in those around you! 

Melissa F.  -Parent

Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter overcome challenges 

GPC has helped my daughter grow in ways I never imagined. My daughter has three (3) learning disabilities, being in Girls Positivity Club has helped her to know her self-worth, the confidence she always had, but lost when she started struggling in school and has helped calm her anxieties, which she struggles with daily. Mrs. Jones has created an outlet to help our girls and I will be forever grateful for her dedication to my daughter.

Desiree T. - Parent

Girls Positivity Club helped my daughters gain more self-worth

Girls Positivity Club has been such a great experience for my girls. They have gained confidence and more self-worth as they become young ladies. I cannot say enough great things about the leader and the work she does with our girls! Thank you!

Lara R. - Parent

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